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11-22-07 Installed Slp linelock, And before pictures of when the car was na

11-23-07 Attempting to take longtubes/3 inch td off - didn't go so well

11-30-07 Got a torch, got lt's & exhuast off, and then starting taking stuff apart

12-7-07 More of just taking stuff out

1-4-08 Some parts arrive, we made a merge- we didn't use this one, but it was good practice

1-11-08 Started cutting the front bumper, didn't finish because my dremel burst into flames! Made Ic bracket.

1-19-08 Got some more goodies, played with idea's for Turbo placement, finished cutting bumper(even though no pics of it)

1-26-08 Made a new merge, turbo was actually on the car for the first time (some told us it still wasn't all gonna fit).....

2-1-08 Dp started, Ic piping done. Ground down some welds on ic pipe. IT ALL FIT!

2-9-08 Got radiator in, made lower brackets, need aluminum for upper bracket, got 02 bungs in, got wastegate, and bov done

2-22-08 Fuel pump installed, Ps lines, Cleaned up inside of pipes, Muffled Dump

3-1-08 Finish Lower Ic Bracket, Paitn some pipes, Tap Feed

3-8-08 Parts Back from Coater, Tap pan for drain, Radiator Installed

3-15-08 Install Turbo back on, Cut lines to length, Extend Wires!, Fill Fluids, START!

3-16-08 Drove onto driveway

3-29-08 Finish Exhuast(didn't work) tie up loose ends

4-5-08 Get the car rdy to come to bloomingdale

7-26-08 Install Midwest Chasis Fab 9


First start Vid on Fquick

First Drive Video on Fquick

3 psi Dyno Pull(390rwhp, 7 psi runs coming soon)

6 psi 442 rwhp 467 rwtq

12.0 @ 116 1.78 60 Ft @ byron

ChiTowns Slowest LS1 ( vid Coming soon )